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"I was born to serve. With almost a decade of service from the City of Wilmington as a City Councilwoman to my third-term as a State Representative, it is my responsibility to help others reach their goals through Economic Opportunities, Workforce Development, Agriculture and impacting the state from the bottom to the top. I believe in equity and equality for all people and I work diligently to make a difference in the lives of those, with whom I come in contact."

Agriculture is the number one industry in the State of Delaware. As such, I have served in the Agriculture Committee since arriving in Dover in 2018.


I have worked with colleagues creating meaningful bipartisan legislation to benefit farmers throughout the state. I shall continue being an advocate for the Agricultural Community.

Having worked closely with the community, policing agencies and my fellow legislators, I was able to get HB 195 adding Body Worn Cameras to all police officers throughout the state. 


We also worked to change the use of force policy and civil rights providing protections for our Constituents


Passing HB 198 adding Black History to the State's curriculum. Providing protections for our Educators and Students in classrooms throughout the state. 


Partnering with the City of Wilmington, Hilltop Lutheran Neighborhood Center and Bethel AME Church we are getting Constituents skilled and trained in forklift simulation. Thus, helping to fill the need for over 20,000 fork lift operators in the state. 


Working with the administration and the community to create a pilot program to benefit Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. Ensuring that Veterans, Women and People of Color have access to economic empowerment opportunities. Assisting with transitioning renters to  homeowners through job creation.
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